Sword Art Online is Bad and You Should Feel Bad


So I know I will probably get a lot of hate for this since it seems like everyone and their mother love SAO. I just don’t, (sorry) the first 12 episodes are this amazing wonderland of exploring a world I know nothing about, meeting interesting characters, fighting scary monsters, and overall excitement. That gets followed up by some Tsundere living in a cottage bullshit.

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Whats the Deal With: AKB0048


Exciting news! I made a YouTube account where I uploaded my first ever “review” of an anime! Check it out!

Whats the Deal With: AKB0048

I really enjoyed making the video and am thinking of doing future reviews this way. Let me know in the comments!

5 Anime’s You Must Watch (Probably)


I’ll get right into it there are just some anime that you just have to watch. I know for everyone the 5 will probably vary, but I feel I can get away with saying that these are staples and must be watched. Continue reading “5 Anime’s You Must Watch (Probably)”