Blade & Soul (Free Beta Key)


So I got invited to play the blade and soul beta this weekend! Unfortunately I have to study for finals and I know it will just distract me…

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Good Anime Dies Hard


So I just finished a lot of Anime last night/this morning, and I just wish there were more episodes of all of them. Maybe a second season something anything. I just want closure is that too much to ask? Reviews will be coming for them so just give me a little time… Heh. Continue reading “Good Anime Dies Hard”

Learning Japanese (日本語)

(Yes I made that wonderful header in paint, be jealous)


So some of you might know that I am currently taking Japanese 101. Next semester I will be continuing on… I have actually changed my major to Japanese. With that being said, learning Japanese is actually a lot easier than you might think.

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Comet Lucifer


So Comet Lucifer is currently airing this season, and I would just like to say… It is awesome! Seriously. If you have seen Gurren Lagann you might be thinking to yourself “Hmm this seems really familiar a main character who likes to dig and discovers something he shouldn’t, which leads to him being able to ‘control’ a mech and meets a pink haired girl” Well… then you would be right. Still it has great characters and an intricate plot line. [Spoilers] Continue reading “Comet Lucifer”