Crunchyroll saved the Anime Industry…or Killed it?

Look at Crunchyrolls partnership with Sumitomo Corporation.



So some of my regular readers know that I am in fact a Crunchyroll member I pay my $60 a year so that I can watch as much HD ad free anime as I want. I would say what Crunchyroll is doing is good for the anime industry as a whole, but on a smaller scale has led to some pretty terrible anime being produced.

Ill start off with a background of Crunchyroll it was founded by University of California – Berkeley students. Currently though its owned by the Chernin Group and TV Tokyo. It started as just anime streams then worked its way up to having manga, drama, music..etc. Its insane to think how much it has grown, its basically Netflix of anime.

So you might think well how does Crunchyroll help the anime industry? If you are watching for free and see ads, some of that ad revenue goes straight to the production company that made the anime, which is good! If you have one of the paid Crunchyroll subscription plans that just means they use your money pooled with tons of other fans money so they can buy the rights to show more anime on the website. Its kind of like insurance. It has also helped to make anime a more accessible thing, before the only ways to really watch anime was by purchasing all the episodes on DVD which costs tons of money, that most anime fans don’t have. You had the choice of pirating it, but most people feel uncomfortable, or guilty, about doing that so that was also restrictive. Netflix does have a very select amount of anime, but not enough to satiate the hunger the viewers had.

When Crunchyroll essentially hit the mainstream with online anime streaming they really helped a lot of people who wanted to see more anime get access to it. Which Rocks! You pay a small fee or no fee at all and can watch all the content you want. Online streaming is the future for anime, in my opinion since there wont be anyone left who actually wants to buy physical copies of media anymore. Crunchyroll even offers their service for free on iOS and Android.

Even with all the good things that Crunchyroll has done, with the support of the site there have been some pretty terrible anime could end up being the result. Crunchyroll partnered with Sumitomo Corporation to invest money into anime that they think will pander better to the online anime loving audience. While I feel that this isn’t really a problem directly It does have me somewhat concerned that they could put money into something like making a 3rd season of SAO just because they know it would sell and not because true fans or members would want that.


While I do see the partnership as a good thing that could potentially bring us lots of great new anime, that isn’t just copypasta of a different successful anime I do have my concerns. ┬áLet me know what you think of Crunchyroll, and if you think the partnership is a good thing or a bad thing! (Also Crunchyroll didn’t pay me to write this its just been on my mind for a while)

Let me know!

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