Anime Has Consumed My Soul


So I have noticed recently since Fall Semester ended I have been watching more anime, but I didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until tonight. I looked at my Crunchyroll history… I have finished 9 animes in the last 3 weeks ( I work full time and sleep…sometimes) so this is pretty amazing to me!

I don’t know what to say, tonight some friends asked if I wanted to come over to play video games and I was like “nah I got to stay home and finish watching the second season of AKB0048 sorry.” Thats when I realized what my life had become. I can spend hours in front of my computer watching anime and not even notice the amount of time that has gone by. This is somewhat of a problem considering I will have to start waking up at 6 Am everyday once I start my new job.


I think everyone who watches anime feels this way to an extent. I do know that it hasn’t really consumed my soul, but sometimes at work I will think to myself “I could be at home watching anime right now” or at the dinner table I will think “If I eat really fast I can fit in another episodes of x anime before bed.”


I will be laying in bed trying to fall asleep and all I can think about is how if I didn’t have to sleep I could fit in more anime before going to work in the morning. I know how crazy this sounds thats why I made this post. I just want to make sure i’m not the only one out here who is like this. Maybe I am an Otaku….

Ah well I mean I could be addicted to drugs, so anime doesn’t seem like a bad addiction in that respect… right? I think the funniest part is that my Mom is worried about me she will say something along the lines of
“I think you like those animated people more than real ones.” Thinking it will scare me? Most of the time I agree with her.


Anyway let me know how addicted you are to anime! Also any animes I should watch as my list is running low! As always thank you for reading ^_^


Let me know!

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