3 Reasons Not To Hate On Other Fandoms


I’ll be the first person to admit it, when someone says Naruto is their favorite anime I die a little inside. Even with that being the case I feel if more people had respect(or at least a neutral feeling) for other fandoms the anime community would be a better place.

1 – They Might Think Your Fandom Sucks

I know I don’t like Naruto, because I feel it is a little to childish and all the filler gets to me. When someone who likes Naruto talks to me about it though I act like I don’t really care either way. No one wants to hear that their fandom is bad, stupid, or what have you. They might be thinking that the anime you like is just as garbage.


2 – People Have Different Tastes

I’m not really a fan of shows like Free! or Ace of Diamond, but I still understand that they are good shows and people enjoy them. I like Gundams, Romance, and Sad anime. Everyone should be able to feel comfortable to enjoy what anime they like without being berated for it.

3 – You Gain Nothing From It

I bet you think you look so cool telling of that 12 year old said Yu-Gi-Oh is his favorite anime. Wait no you don’t…. Telling someone about how terrible their fandom is, or just the show itself doesn’t really gain you anything. If you want them to watch other “better” shows suggest them nicely it will get you a lot farther then telling them the anime they currently like is trash.


I see a lot of bashing of shows around the internet. I feel that, that shouldn’t happen. Maybe some guy likes Naruto, but that leads him to watch Hunter x Hunter. You never know! Let me know what fandom you associate yourself with in the comments! I would have to say I’m a HUGE Shokugeki no Soma fan.


Let me know!

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