Little Sister Panties…


This isn’t gross NSFW stuff, don’t worry. So I was doing my usual internet lurking and came across an advertisement for “Little Sister Panties.” This is super weird and slightly disturbing, but at the same time the scents that they ship with are somewhat interesting.

This is the advertisement that I saw on 4chan: shimapink

Now I will be the first person to admit that I have a lot of free time on my hands I looked up Tamatoys and found that it comes in two other colors. Pink is apparently “the smell of a bratty sister” whatever that means


The green ones contain the “fresh aroma of an energetic little sister”


and the blue ones have the smell of “nurturing little sister who always looks after her big  brother”

I have seen a lot of weird stuff in my time. I have seen Kodomo no Jikan, Boku no Picu, etc. Even I think this is creepy. Its just weird not only in the sense that there is a market for this, but the mere fact that a company thinks it has recreated the smell of well…. I mean little sister crotch is a little disturbing.

I want to know what your opinions are on this as I am kind of at a loss for words right now.


Let me know!

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