Good Anime Dies Hard


So I just finished a lot of Anime last night/this morning, and I just wish there were more episodes of all of them. Maybe a second season something anything. I just want closure is that too much to ask? Reviews will be coming for them so just give me a little time… Heh.

Rushed Endings

I don’t know if this is more just me feeling the Anime didn’t get the proper send off it deserved, looking at you Pandora Hearts. I think there are a few reasons why the endings seem rushed sometimes.

  1. Its the classic oh crap we don’t have any money left lets just give them an ending that will wrap up lose end and call it quits.
  2. The we painstakingly developed an amazing story, have great character development, interesting conflicts…. “wait we only have 2 episodes left?? Yeah we can make that work.” In most cases while you can easily tell that these animes endings are rushed its still been such a good ride that you aren’t really disappointed, its just kinda like oh this could have gotten a second season.
  3. I don’t know exactly how to describe this 3rd group, but if you have watched No Game No Life you will know what I mean. Its an open ending which I will talk about in a second, but it still has enough closure to be an ending. The conflicts that arose were settled, it feels weirdly rushed, so its an ending I guess.


No Ending

I have never really understood anime that does this I always just wonder if the studio ran out of money and was like “well we can’t even afford to make a crappy end, lets just move to the next project.” I don’t mean an anime where the ending is up to your interpretation. I like those where it doesn’t explicitly say everything that happened afterwards. I just hate it when you are about knee deep in plot and the show just ends, with no sequel in sight.

The we don’t Want to Figure Out How to Tie Together All These Loose Ends so we Will Just End it Ending

This is a less common one, but probably the one that bugs me the most. Like I understand there was a lot of story that the studio put in to the show and I am happy they made it actually interesting and not just “I hope oniichan notices me today” then sells a million copies to dudes with sister complexes. Seriously though when you have 1,000 loose ends you could at least try to wrap them up….


Well that’s it from me! Let me know what you think of any of these types of endings in the comments down below! If this is your first time here よろしくおにがいします!


Let me know!

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