Learning Japanese (日本語)

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So some of you might know that I am currently taking Japanese 101. Next semester I will be continuing on… I have actually changed my major to Japanese. With that being said, learning Japanese is actually a lot easier than you might think.

Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji  カタカナ ひらがな かんじ


So right off the bat you are like I don’t want to learn all of the hiragana plus all the hiragana with dialect marks, plus katakana which is just hiragana with different symbols. Wait what there are like 5,000 kanji no thanks I will just watch anime with English subs thats fine.


And honestly yes its a lot to learn, but really once you have that down its a relatively simple language to get used to. There are rarely any exceptions and when there are you can just memorize that its いって (itte) and move on with your life not having to worry about any exceptions to the exception… I’m looking at Q.

Also there isn’t masculine, feminine, neutral… etc. no Der, die or das, no la, lo, los, yo. Whatever you get my point. Along with that there isn’t a different word for plural objects. So no mouse… mouses? or maybe mice?  nope you just got マウス (mausu) if you have like 200 mice you just say you got 200 of them, and you’re done. That easy!


I would say the hardest part about learning Japanese is using the correct particle for the word or just knowing when to use a particle. Like after a day of the week you would put に(ni)  because its a time. Then sometimes with a word like きのう(kinoo, it means yesterday) you don’t have to put に after it. I would say particles and sentence structure will throw you for a loop.

Honestly though if you stick with it and practice everyday you can learn a lot of Japanese in a short amount of time. I have taken 3 months of Japanese, yes I put in around 2 hours a day, but I could easily hold a conversation with a Japanese person without having to use English.


Genki2ndEdition (1)

Also I have a link to the textbook and workbook that we use in my class if you have the dedication to keep yourself accountable! Get Genki 1 HERE! As always thank you so much for reading!


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