How to Support the Anime Industry


So my post about how the anime industry isn’t dying got a fair amount of views, so I figured since people care i’ll let you know some of the best ways to help support the Anime Industry. Here are the Top 5

5 – Just Watching Anime

I know what you are thinking, “wow watching the Anime I like that is totally going to help not at all great advice.”  In a way you are correct that it doesn’t directly help with finances. What it does do however is show the Animation Studios that maybe this idea that doesn’t fit the norm of moe harem school animes is actually apreciated by an audience so you will get more cool new ideas! This also leads to you maybe talking to a friend about how good an anime is, they watch it and tell their friends. The cycle repeats and so on, maybe someone who has now seen the anime because of you decides to buy merch!

4 – Purchase the Manga!

I know another situation where you think “how does this help my favorite anime???” Well in a lot of cases as unfortunate as it is, the anime might just be produced to help promote the manga, Light novel, ect. So if the studio sees an increase in sales, not only does it help them out, you might just get that season 2 of the Anime that you love.


3 – Streaming Services

The effects of this help are a lot more apparent. You can subscribe to Hulu, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, Netflix, the list goes on and on. When ever you watch an anime, what ever service you are subscribed to will send a royalty check to whoever it may be. If the money goes to the American licensee its not as beneficial as it going straight to the production studio, but it still helps a lot. Maybe the American company will license more anime thus giving more money to studios.


 2 – Buying Figures, Art, Key-chains….

So after looking in to this you will actually have to buy most of these items from Japan if you want to directly support the studio. The reason for this is almost everything that gets released here in America is through a publishing agreement by an American company. Nothing wrong with that just less money to the studio. You will notice that buying stuff over seas is really expensive, maybe the figure you want to buy is $150 plus another $25 dollars for shipping. If it really matters to you though it is definitely worth it!

1 – Buying the Japanese Blu Ray/DVD

This at the moment is the absolute best way you can support an animation studio. I know its like $80 for just 4 episodes and you don’t even speak Japanese so what are you supposed to do with it? That’s one downfall since you can easily buy a dubbed/subbed american release of it for maybe $50 dollars for 1 season and get real value out of it. Think of it more as collecting than getting the maximum utility out of the item. Also while high BluRay/DVD sales don’t guarantee you a season 2 or an OVA or whatever. The studio is more likely to make a season 2 if they had enough support for season 1. Maybe your Favorite Anime is at J-List!

Thanks for reading 🙂 If you liked this post follow me! Also let me know how you support the anime industry in the comments! I personally have a Crunchyroll subscription, I also buy a lot of Manga 🙂



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