Comet Lucifer


So Comet Lucifer is currently airing this season, and I would just like to say… It is awesome! Seriously. If you have seen Gurren Lagann you might be thinking to yourself “Hmm this seems really familiar a main character who likes to dig and discovers something he shouldn’t, which leads to him being able to ‘control’ a mech and meets a pink haired girl” Well… then you would be right. Still it has great characters and an intricate plot line. [Spoilers]


Lets intro some of the most important characters. You have a classic male stereotype of a Male who wants to protect all the girls, but he is actually useless… Still a good guy though: Sogo


He loves to collect rare crystals, he lives in a mining community so he lots of opportunity to find the crystals. He wants to prove that his Mom was right and a red crystal called Lucifer does exist.

Next you have best girl, she is powerfull beyond compare, she is cute, she has almost no idea of the world around her. Great all around other than being a little clumsy: Felia


She is a mysterious girl with blue hair, has telecenetic powers. She is also the embodyment of the planet Gift on which the show takes place.

The next character in the bunch is a very independent girl who knows what she wants. Yes the classic amazon of a woman anime cliche. Fortunately you find out she has a personality and she is actually pretty romantic: Kaon


She is one of Sogo’s school friends, she is also engaged to another character who I wont introduce since I don’t want to ruin all of it and he isnt that important…


Set in a somewhat wacky world where blue crystals known as Giftium buried in the ground gives power to everything. After a dispute between some of his classmates he ends up at the bottom of an old mine shaft, where he finds a giant red crystal buried inside the Giftium. Felia the mysterious blue haired girl comes out of the red crystal and then Sogo’s whole world gets tipped on its head. He ends up having to fight the Military, an obsessive pervert who wont leave Felia alone, a special team put together by a great war hero and more. Felia has to expend her power to save Sogo, which ages her and if she expends to much she will disappere. They decide to go on an adventure to the Alter of Abyss where Felia will be able to restore her power.



The animation is doen by 8-Bit studio and is directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi. You might know them for… well most Mech Animes for the last 5 years essentially. Overall it is animated very well, most of it is hand drawn with very little CG. The style also pays homage to Gurren Lagann.


Normally I don’t score Anime, but I think I should try since it seems like people like that best. I am still going to include my should you watch, since some anime can score really low and I still think you should watch it.

Characters – 7/10

Plot – 9/10

Animation – 7.5/10

Overall 8/10

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