Yo,So I decided to stop being a piece of human garbage and update my blog! ^_^ It’s been a while so I thought why not make it special. I actually have never had Pocky before… I know I like Anime and Japan, but never tried Pocky whats wrong with me? So I bought the Classic Chocolate Pocky and the Strawberry Pocky.


I will start with the Chocolate Pocky. The red box with the bold white Pocky lettering definitely stands out. The bag that is inside is white with red lettering (OoOOoO they flipped the color scheme) and says that they are chocolate sticks of delicious goodness inside.

As for the taste of the Pocky it was kinda lack luster. Its exactly what you expect a biscuit stick covered in dark chocolate. That’s not to say it wasn’t good. Believe me they were good…the empty box proves that. Overall I would give them like a try it at least once after that eh.


The Strawberry Pocky comes in this really delightful pink box with the same bold white lettering. The bag inside is white with pink lettering and a cute little strawberry. When opening the bag that contains the Pocky be warned, the overwhelming smell of strawberry is a little off putting.


The taste of the Strawberry Pocky is awesome, honestly I love it! It reminds me of almost a strawberry smoothie, or maybe strawberry ice cream. The Pocky even look like they have little bits of real strawberry in the cream. Im not sure if its real or not, but it is an impressive detail. Overall I would say try these! They are good and I would get them again.


Pocky are a bit of a novelty here in America, but if you can find them and haven’t tried Pocky I would strongly recommend you go do that. Even if it is just to tell your friends that you tried anime people food.

You can get Pocky here if you can’t get it in a local store near you. J-List also has tons of other cool Japanese stuffs.


Let me know!

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