World Conquest Zvezda Plot

Wow! This Anime honestly blew me away. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and if you are just looking for something fun and silly this is it. Although there are some things that I think could have been better (but what anime is perfect) it was still really enjoyable. It had everything you could want: action, romance, a loli, slightly ecchi, while still having enough plot to hold it together.

The story follows a “little” girl by the name of Hoshimiya Kate. Kate is probably 18ish even though she still has the appearance of being 8 years old, but that doesn’t stop her from planning to conquer the world. (You find out that wanting to conquer the world stopped her body from aging. Don’t question it.) She gathers a pretty kick ass team, that is part of a group called Zvezda. Of course you have to have a nemesis and that comes in the form of White Light. White Light is a secret organization that employees mostly teen girls to fight against evil and serve justice.


I thought the overall plot was a little weak. The fact that Asuta Jimon (Dva) just decides to run away from home, without context was a little weird. The fact that he stayed with Zvezda after essentially accidentally joining was somewhat weak. The characters were almost to cliche. There is a certain amount of cliche that makes something funny, and then there is an amount that makes it not good. This was really pushing towards not good side. Asuta who is supposed to be the main character honestly doesn’t contribute to the story that much. I think you could have the exact same anime just focus on Kate.


With gripes aside I did really enjoy it. Even though it was only 12 episodes you actually got to see a little bit of backstory for all the characters, which is pretty rare in most animes of this length. People complained that they just used that as filler, but it really added to the story. When you get to the last 2-3 episodes all that back story and “filler” brings a whole new light to the anime. The fight scenes are really good, and the “realistic” sort of fight style is nice. ( I mean realistic for an anime, not real life). I enjoy how the main character isn’t classically clueless. One of his classmates is a member of White Light, and he figures out its her almost immediately instead of being dumb about it. I really enjoyed that. Another thing about the main character, he was weak the whole time and stayed that way. It was interesting it seems like most anime now have the weak MC who grows to be super strong, and he just stayed the same. (maybe he was a little more determined, but it was probably just teen rebellion. Since they were fighting his dad).


I would say that World Conquest Zvezda Plot is deffinetly worth watching! If you have seen it let me know what you thought about it in the comments. As always thank you so much for reading my blog. If you enjoyed this post a like and follow would be terrific. Arigatou.


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