Whats The Deal With: Kodomo No Jikan

Kodomo No Jikan is a about a 23-year-old Daisuke Aoki. He has just started his job as a grade school teacher. He is put in charge of Class 3-1 where he meets Rin Kokonoe. She is described as a “mischievously precocious nine year old.” She ends up developing a crush on Aoki, going as far as to call herself Aoki’s girlfriend. At first Aoki thinks its harmless, but after Rin continues to pursue it he thinks that she might come from a troubled family. Aoki finds out that Rins mother died a few years ago, and that Rin is now living with her Uncle who is creepily fixated on her.

Having watched all of season one, seeing the 4 episode ova, and parts of season 3 (I know im creepy…) I feel people misunderstand the content of Kodomo No Jikan. Overall I understand the confusion its Ecchi, most cases uncensored, and pedoish. I get that, but if you actually watch it you start to feel a connection with all these characters and you can really understand what the animation studio was trying to portray.


Rin is the one who makes the sexual advances at her teacher. Which at first you might be like “Oh well they are sexualizing children, thats disgusting fan service!” Maybe you are right, but I don’t think so. Rin lost her Mother at a very young age, she had to grow up fast. Its more that Rin feels she is an “adult” because of what she has gone through, and its almost like she has to prove it. Aoki is a nice, understanding guy. He really cares about his students, I think that Rin understands this and feels safe around him. Rin doesn’t understand how to express the feelings she has for him so she acts like they are boyfriend and girlfriend.


Kuro Kagami is established as Rin’s best friend. She is the opposite of Rin she hates Aoki’s guts, commonly abusing him verbally and physically in one episode. Although once again the reason she is “mad” at Aoki isn’t because she really hates him, its because (IMO) Rin feels more comfortable going to Aoki instead of her. That really hurts Kuro, since they are supposed to be best friends. A lot of Kuro’s classmates don’t like her since they think she is stuck up, because her family is wealthy. She commonly dresses up in Goth Lolita attire, sometimes adding in cat ears and tail.

The controversy behind Kodomo No Jikan’s American debut also has swayed some people away from watching/reading it. The Manga was supposed to be distributed to America under the name Nymphet. Unfortunately the manga was dropped by the distributor because “those who are speaking out against Nymphet seem to be disturbed by the relationship between two characters in the story, namely an elementary school student and her adult teacher.” The head distributor later said that after looking at later volumes of the Manga the content was absolutely not suited for American release. Due to there being an instance where Aoki and Rin are stuck in a freezer and hug to stay warm. Rin uses the opportunity to rub her crotch against Aoki’s and he almost gets an erection. This just pushed it to far for the “American audience.” I think that this just shows the huge gap that exists between Japanese and American cultures. Do I think that they were right to not release the Manga here in America? Yes. Honestly I don’t think it would have sold very well. Do I think that because of the content it shouldn’t be released? No.


Let me know if you have seen Kodomo No Jikan and what your opinions on it are in the comments! Do you think that the relationship is disturbing? Or that it is harmless and meant for entertainment? If you enjoyed the post a like and follow would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Whats The Deal With: Kodomo No Jikan

  1. I really enjoyed Kodomo no Jikan, I’ve seen it I think 4 times now and would recommend reading the manga for a conclusion to the story, because the anime doesn’t get all that far. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I enjoyed it, for multiple reasons.

    Clearly using an anon account =).

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      1. Ahh, no way; they have other things to worry about, hehehe. I do think it is a great watch, regardless of the reasons involved.

        If anything, simply searching for it would put you on some “list”, alas, no such thing has happened =).

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