Black Butler S1 Ep.2

Just watched Ep. 2 of Black Butler I have to admit, it is hilarious. Between the staff, how nonchalant Sebastian is about murdering people, and the witty dialog what more can you ask for. I mean really! The action in this episode was fantastic, the animation was smooth it was just an enjoyable experience. So lets get into it!

As we all know Sebastian is “One hell of a butler” he really shows it in this episode. It starts off with there being a mouse problem which later translates to a “game” that Ciel almost plays with the guy in-charge of the mob. You meet some new characters. Ciel’s Aunt along with a larger man. You also meet two people who Ciel seems to be on good terms with.

So what happens is the mob guy kidnaps Ciel I don’t know how he thought that would be a good idea, but he does. When Ciel decides not to talk he gets angry and decides to send a blackmail letter to the Phantomhive household. Sebastian not only saves the pie that he made he also dodges a bullet. Then he chases down the people who shot at him (He caught up to a car…running) and gets the information from them. During all this though he still has time to worry about dinner.


He gets to the Mansion of the mob where he just slaughters people. It is insane this man is such a bad ass. I know that I said that last time, but dear god this man is amazing. He gets into the dinning hall and he starts using cutlery and dishes as weapons. To top it off he uses his serving tray to deflect bullets. Once he finally gets into the room where Ciel is being kept. You start to get a glimpse of what is up with Ciel’s eye and how the contract works between him and Sebastian. Its also revealed that Sebastian really is a demon. I feel like no one was surprised by this, but its still nice to have it confirmed.

Overall I loved Episode 2 this is such a witty, action packed, clever show and I will make sure to continue watching it. If you have seen Black Butler let me know what you think in the comments. As always thank you so much for reading my blog it means a lot to me! A like and follow is always very much appreciated! Thanks 🙂


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