How I got into Anime

I don’t know about any of my readers, but for me personally my progression to watching Anime was a pretty fun experience. Growing up with 3 older sisters meant I had to deal with a lot of girly stuff. (I think I had my nails done more as an 8 year old then some celebrities) One of those things was waking up extra early on school days to watch Sailor Moon with my sisters.

2930-1600x600_sailormoon - Copy

I will be really honest with you I LOVED Sailor Moon, I thought she was beautiful, all the Sailor Soldiers were bad ass, and Tuxedo Mask was soooo cool. (In retrospect Tuxedo Mask is useless) For about 2 years it went on like this. When I was about 10 my oldest sister took me to the library with her and introduced me to Manga. It was kind of a mistake since she was reading Love Hina at the time which probably isn’t something a 10 year old boy should be reading. I love it I read the whole series in about 2 weeks. Then I started in on Ah! My Goddess which to this day might still be one of my favorite mangas.


After Ah! My Goddess I found out you could buy manga, it didn’t just come from the library!! I started filling my manga collection with what you would expect from a 12 year old boy. Naruto, DNAngel, Rurouni Kenshin was by far my favorite (I have the whole series) At this point I was kinda like “But I want it to be in color where is the color?!” And thus my sister introduced me to InuYasha. I was in love from the color to the characters to the plot. I thought it was just the best thing that had ever existed. It was around this time that my sister who had got me into Anime and Manga stopped liking it. Which made me wonder if something was wrong with it. There isn’t shes just “Mature” now…


At this point I had just reached freshman year of High School, I was at the point where One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach were my favorite animes…. Ugh. I just stopped enjoying anime and manga for about a year. Then my Sophomore year of High School came about, I met a guy who influenced everything I knew about Anime. He asked if I had seen Angel Beats! That was the start of the new me. He gave me a list of Anime I should watch I devoured the list then searched for more. I watched every Anime that I thought was interesting enough and couldn’t stop. And its been like that ever since.

This summer I got the pleasure of meeting someone who was like Freshman in High School me. Thinking One Piece is the best Anime ever, without even knowing that there are tons of other Animes to watch.

Let me know how you got into Anime or Manga! Sorry for not posting over the weekend I had to go home to work. :/ If you like this post a like would be awesome! Thanks!


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