Angel Beats (Feels Inc.)

I have seen Angel Beats 3 times now and every time no matter what I cry at the end. The end isn’t particularly sad or anything I think its more the fact that I know its over, and I can never “experience” it again. (I understand I can go back and watch it as much as I want) It gives you such a heart warming story, lovable characters, great comedy, and compelling story telling. 

The characters are just amazing in this Anime, they all have very unique character traits. It doesn’t feel like the same old recycled characters being put into a new show, because no one could be bothered to actually make interesting characters. I will mostly focus on Yuri and Angel since I think they are the most compelling characters with the greatest amount of character development. The setting is really cool, its a school haha. The thing is though is that the school is in the afterlife so you can only enroll if you are deceased.


Yuri is the president of the Afterlife Battlefront, which is a group of people who fight against Angel the student counsel president. When Otonashi (the MC kind of) comes to the school she ends up recruiting him to join the Afterlife Battlefront. In the group you meet some interesting side characters. My favorite being TK he is always dancing around and listening to American music. You find out that they are at war with Angel who has supernatural abilities.


Angel gains these supernatural abilities through a program called Angel Player. Angels real name is Kanade and in all reality is just trying to do whats best for the students at the school. Eventually she “joins” the Afterlife Battlefront (SSS) and agrees to help them with their goals. Help everyone pass on to the next life.

Girls Dead Monster is a band that is part of the SSS and my god do they make sure the feels are real with this band. The lead singer in GirlsDeMo is the first one to realize her goals and pass on to the next life. Its sad, but you learn to accept it and really things are for the best this way. I think that just makes it harder to accept. Then GirlsDeMo gets a lead singer, she is so cute and I thought cool a character that I can get to like. Nope she is the next one to pass on to the next life. The series continues like this helping people fulfill their dreams so that they can pass on. Every time you are happy for them, but yet something still yanks at your heart strings just knowing they are gone.


The Graduation scene that happens at the end of the show is probably the hardest part to deal with and its the part that I still cry at every time. ( I marathon watched it the first time through I cried so much) Kanade finally gets to go on to the next life, but during that time Otonashi has become her friend. Basically her only friend and now they are separated, because of something good. I think that just makes it more sad.

Overall I really loved Angel Beats as well as the OVA episode which is beyond hilarious. If you haven’t watched it yet I would Highly recommend you do since it is just that good. If you enjoyed this post a follow and like would be greatly appreciated! Also let me know what you thought of Angel Beats if yo have seen it. Arigatou


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