Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is real good. I watched the whole thing in about 2 days over the summer, because it was just that good. It’s about a little boy (Aladdin) who comes from another world. Aladdin is a Magi who basically has control over the Ruhk (spirits of dead people, or magic powers, or w/e) so he is more powerful then your average wizard. Aladdin meets a man who is struggling to get by in this world Alibaba. Alibaba will be a future king he gets a cool fire sword and everything get weird from there.


So in episode 1 you kind of understand that Aladdin is from another world, not really but kinda. Alibaba wants to conquer a dungeon so that he can be rich and not have to worry about working. Aladdin and Alibaba become very good friends, and decide to go to a dungeon together. There are complications, but all in all they beat the dungeon and Alibaba gets a Metal Vessel. They also pick up a new party member Morgiana.


I really don’t have much to say about the part after this first stint, they all go separate ways not really on purpose. Aladdin meets an indigenous tribe, befriends the elder, and stops a war from breaking out. Alibaba lives the good life on the money from the dungeon. Morgiana beats the hell out of some bad guys.


They end up all meeting again in Balbadd, where things have taken a huge turn for the worse. A group of thugs have been breaking into nobles homes and stealing their money, jewelry, you name it.  Although they are Robin Hood-ish since they use the money to help the poor of the country. After some talking, flashbacks, and traumatic childhood experiences. You find out that Alibaba is an illegitimate heir to the throne, also his best friend from childhood is the leader of the group. Oh you also find out Alibaba joined said group. Ooops. You find out that the two men who have been left in charge of Balbadd are not cut out for this line of work in the slightest, and are considering selling the people of Balbadd into slavery just so they can support their lifestyles. Jerks. Alibaba with the help of Aladdin and Morgiana is able to find out what is actually going on. The “organization” has given a Black Magic Vessel to Cassim, Alibaba’s childhood friend. You also find out about black Ruhk which is just some creepy shit.


In a pretty epic fight Alibaba almost wins against a Black Djinn, but finds out that they can regenerate, that puts a kink in things. Aladdin gains Solomons Wisdom during this time and is able to use it to “save” Cassim from the Black Djinn. Sinbad comes and helps Alibaba restore some type of order to Balbadd which had almost fallen apart at this point.


Afterwards they go to Sindria which is ruled by Sinbad (Surprise). Morg, Aladdin, and Alibaba all go through training in Sindria, as well as introducing some new characters that are maybe of unsavory origins.

All in all season 1 of Magi is really great and I would strongly recommend watching it! I know this wasn’t in depth or tons of detail, but I want you to see how hype it is and not give away to many spoilers. For those of you who have watched it let me know what you thought in the comments. If you liked this post please follow my blog and give me a like. It means a lot 🙂 Arigatou.


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