Black Butler

This post will be pretty short, but there will be a follow up post when I finish the Anime! I watched the first episode of Black Butler last night against my better judgment. Basically I had heard its popular, because girls like fawning over the attractive male characters. So I was like “eh I’m a dude I’ll pass” but here we are. I honestly enjoyed it, I was so engrossed that when the split happens for the commercial I was surprised I was that far in. I think you should give it a watch even if you are a dude or maybe a girl who didn’t want to just be part of the fandom.

So it starts off with this weird scene where its like the main character is making a contract with Satan is my guess. Its cool it makes you want to watch the Anime to find out whats going on. The opening credits aren’t that amazing in anyway it doesn’t have super cool animation or an insanely catchy theme song, but it does fit very well with the anime.


Sebastian is a badass, (Just look at that picture) I just want to put that out there. He not only can catch darts without even seeing them, he can organize maybe the worst staff in the world, cook, clean, scare people to death, basically all at the same time. He is also very attractive. I mean I’m not attracted to him, but I do see the appeal, and I understand more now why people like him so much.

Mei-Rin-kuroshitsuji-33536869-500-280The extra staff provides a good amount of comedic relief, because even though its about a kid who runs a toy factory its kinda dark, and creepy.
The fact that they put a guy in the oven in the first episode of the anime just kinda sent this message that was like “we know the guys are fan service, but we got a lot more going on” It was great. I am insanely impressed normally anything that is really hyped up ends up not being as great as the hype. While I have only just scratched the surface I think this will live up to expectations.

If you have seen Black Butler let me know what you think in the comments, I would like to know more since I have never seen it. If you enjoyed this post a follow and like would be a huge help 🙂 Arigatou.


3 thoughts on “Black Butler

  1. I prefer the manga, but I like that the first 2 seasons of the anime had the guts to change the plot. Just like you said, Sebastian is a bad-ass. But he’s not the only one. Even the useless servants are freakishly strong. And not to mention that most of the characters are beautiful.

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