Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I had heard of Puella Magi Madoka Magica through friends and a few forums online. Everyone told me I had to watch it, but I was like eh a show about a cute little girl fighting monster sounds pretty bland. HOLY SHIT. I was so wrong. Puella Magi Madoka Magica might be one of the greatest animes of all time. Well… maybe not that far but it is great and heres why (Spoilers):

The Characters Are So Cute


Like do you see this omg. I mean I am a sucker for a little lolicon, so thats why it appeals to me, but even if you aren’t I feel like you can still appreciate this. I also think its awesome that each characters “outfit” and weapon are unique to them its not copy and pasted or seems rushed its like they gave each character some serious thought. I think thats awesome even though some characters don’t play that big a role… or do they?

The Feels Trip


Between your favorite characters dying like 20 times right in front of you, all the way to how Madoka saves the world gives you a mad case of the feels. When Mami died I was straight in shock like how can you do that. Ahhh. Then Sayaka turns into a witch, because she thinks she isn’t doing enough. Then her own friends have to kill her. All of this just so that there is enough energy in the world. It makes you sad and angry at the same time. That’s at least how I feel. Lets just look at how Madoka “saves” the world. She makes it so that no one can turn into a witch past, present, or future. She becomes becomes eternal she isn’t able to be with her family, (who forget her by the way) Homura who spent years trying to save her, or any of her other friends. Then to top it off it feels like her efforts were wasted since new enemies show up that have to be destroyed.

The Mind Games


Kyubey is the King of Mind Games. He doesn’t tell the girls who decide to become Magic Girls that eventually they will turn into a witch so that they can keep the universe running or whatever. Kyubey’s race doesn’t have emotions or a sense of right and wrong. So when he doesn’t delve into detail about the exact conditions of the deals he makes with the girls he sees nothing wrong with that. Which just adds to the is Kyubey really evil for wanting to do what he thinks is the correct course of action. Then to top that off Homura can control time dammmn.  I didn’t really see it coming, the fact that the portion of there lives we get to watch have happened numerous times before. She wasn’t just being a crazy rude jerk, she was trying to save Madoka just like Madoka had asked her.

I loved Madoka Magica and you should definitely watch it at this point since I just spoiled everything… If you enjoyed this post giving me a like and follow would be greatly appreciated. Arigatou.


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