5 Anime’s You Must Watch (Probably)


I’ll get right into it there are just some anime that you just have to watch. I know for everyone the 5 will probably vary, but I feel I can get away with saying that these are staples and must be watched.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist -Brotherhood-


If you haven’t at least heard of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood you might be living under a rock. In  essence its the better version of the original Fullmetal Alchemist. Its set in a world where alchemy is more like magic then science.  They are still bound by the basic law of alchemy: to get something something of equal value must be lost. Unfortunately the Elric brothers find that out the hard way when Alphonse losses his human body and Edward fuses his soul to a suit of armor.  So they set out on an adventure to find/create the Philosophers stone so that they can get Alphonse’s body back. Along the way they find out the truth about the Philosophers stone.

4. Hunter x Hunter


The 2011 version of Hunter x Hunter that is. Its freaking sweet. It has everything you could possible ask for action, adventure, smooth animation, compelling story arcs. (I will admit the last one could have been shorter…) Its a story that follows a 12 year old boy Gon Freeces that is on a quest to find his father who left him since he was a small child. Gon decides to take the hunter test just like his father did. The hunter test is known for low success rates and high death rates. Along the way he meets some friends who help him get through the test. Killua is an ex-assassin who wants to prove himself to his family. Gon and Killua end up being best friends, they beat the hunter exam and go on to continue their training, All in hopes that they can find Gons father.

3. Mushishi


Mushi-Shi is a show all about the Mushi-Shi Ginko. A Mushi-Shi is someone who studies the Mushi, which are basic life forms that just exist. Ginko is trying to figure out what purpose in this world the Mushi play so he goes anywhere that there is even a rumor of something strange that could be related to the Mushi. Who knows maybe through study of the Mushi, these simple life forms he can find the meaning to life…

2. Gintama


Gintama is the tale of a wavy silver haired samurai named Gintoki Sakata. After Japan gets taken over by aliens and a sword ban is put in place samurai have to figure out what they will with their lives. Gintoki decides to become a jack of all trades, this leads him on comedic adventures throughout Japan. Normally the pay off for the jobs that he does is not worth what he has to go through yet he always seems to have a happy disposition. Between breaking the 4th wall and breaking your stomach laughing you will enjoy Gintama.

1. Gurren Lagann


All I have to say is holy christ talk about a good show. Gurren Lagann has been called “The show that turns boys into men” I can completely agree with that. It sucks you in from the first episode the characters are amazing, the plot is goofy while still being serious enough to hold attention, and most of all it makes you feel invested. Its set in a far away future where people live underground, a young boy named Simon finds a glowing object when he is digging tunnels that goes to the mech that they call Lagann. They break out through to the world above with the help of a girl named Yoko who had come from a village that had been living above ground for a while. Kamina is the rag tag leader of the Gurren brigade, that eventually turns into hundreds of fighters. They use Spiral Power to free their world, but it has unfortunate costs. (Just writing this gave me goose bumps thinking about it wow). Also kiss of death hahahah.

Thats my list of top Anime you MUST watch. I know there are still plenty more that you should see, but hey you have to start somewhere. Let me know what your opinions on these animes are and tell what anime you think everyone has to watch. If you liked this post give me a follow and like its very much appreciated. Arigatou.


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