World Conquest Zvezda Plot

Wow! This Anime honestly blew me away. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and if you are just looking for something fun and silly this is it. Although there are some things that I think could have been better (but what anime is perfect) it was still really enjoyable. It had everything you could want: action, romance, a loli, slightly ecchi, while still having enough plot to hold it together. Continue reading “World Conquest Zvezda Plot”


Whats The Deal With: Kodomo No Jikan

Kodomo No Jikan is a about a 23-year-old Daisuke Aoki. He has just started his job as a grade school teacher. He is put in charge of Class 3-1 where he meets Rin Kokonoe. She is described as a “mischievously precocious nine year old.” She ends up developing a crush on Aoki, going as far as to call herself Aoki’s girlfriend. At first Aoki thinks its harmless, but after Rin continues to pursue it he thinks that she might come from a troubled family. Aoki finds out that Rins mother died a few years ago, and that Rin is now living with her Uncle who is creepily fixated on her. Continue reading “Whats The Deal With: Kodomo No Jikan”

Black Butler S1 Ep.2

Just watched Ep. 2 of Black Butler I have to admit, it is hilarious. Between the staff, how nonchalant Sebastian is about murdering people, and the witty dialog what more can you ask for. I mean really! The action in this episode was fantastic, the animation was smooth it was just an enjoyable experience. So lets get into it! Continue reading “Black Butler S1 Ep.2”

J-List Affiliate (What it means for you)


So you might have noticed to the left there is now a link to J-List. I applied for the affiliate program thinking “whats the worst that can happen. They say no?” Luckily they said yes. So what this mean is that when you go to J-List through my site you get a slight discount and I get a kick back from the purchase. I decide to go with store credit that way I can review things I get from J-List for you guys! I hope the partnership works out well.

Thank you so much for reading this blog it means a lot 🙂

How I got into Anime

I don’t know about any of my readers, but for me personally my progression to watching Anime was a pretty fun experience. Growing up with 3 older sisters meant I had to deal with a lot of girly stuff. (I think I had my nails done more as an 8 year old then some celebrities) One of those things was waking up extra early on school days to watch Sailor Moon with my sisters.

Continue reading “How I got into Anime”

Angel Beats (Feels Inc.)

I have seen Angel Beats 3 times now and every time no matter what I cry at the end. The end isn’t particularly sad or anything I think its more the fact that I know its over, and I can never “experience” it again. (I understand I can go back and watch it as much as I want) It gives you such a heart warming story, lovable characters, great comedy, and compelling story telling.  Continue reading “Angel Beats (Feels Inc.)”

Black Butler

This post will be pretty short, but there will be a follow up post when I finish the Anime! I watched the first episode of Black Butler last night against my better judgment. Basically I had heard its popular, because girls like fawning over the attractive male characters. So I was like “eh I’m a dude I’ll pass” but here we are. I honestly enjoyed it, I was so engrossed that when the split happens for the commercial I was surprised I was that far in. I think you should give it a watch even if you are a dude or maybe a girl who didn’t want to just be part of the fandom. Continue reading “Black Butler”