World Trigger


So I just binge watched about 20 episodes of World Trigger. (I was already around 20 this puts me at ep.40 I think…) I figured if I like it this much I might as well write a post about it.

This will probably contain spoilers. You have been warned. Its about gates that open that lead to another world called the Neighborhood. From the gates indestructible monsters emerge and the only people who can stop them are members from a mysterious organization called Border.

(Please note I have not read the Manga, I heard that the Anime kinda butchered the Manga.)

It starts off very slow if you want something that is exiting and cool from the start I would not recommend this anime. In the begging I thought it would just be your classic the MC hates everyone at school and they all hate him then he gets into Border becomes powerful, and ends up the hero. This is not that Anime.

The MC (Osamu Mikumo) is weak, and that doesn’t change anytime soon. He stays weak all the way through Ep.40, sure he gets training, figures out strategies to deal with his weakness, and never lets the situation bring him down. Still he is just crazy weak. I really do enjoy the change of pace that this provides though, its been a while since there was a good weak main character. He does have redeeming qualities, like never giving up on his friends, being very stubborn, and always trying to protect the people around him. He really is a hero lets get real!

Yuma Kuga. Damn dude this kid is beyond cool. His real body is made out of Trion, so even when he disables his trigger he can still do damage to Trion bodies. This ability really helps him out when he is in the fight with Aftokrator, he is able to land an attack that still does damage since he is Trion. The down side is that his real body is dying and the only reason that he is alive right now is because his dad died so that he could live. His dad became the black trigger that Yuma currently uses.

Replica I don’t have a lot to say about Replica since you don’t really learn a lot about it. He does provide extremely important information about the Neighborhood, Neighbors, Trion and the like. He never tells much about him self, and then on top of that he gets “kidnapped” sort of.

Chica once again not a whole ton to say about her, other than the fact that she is super powerful if you could have Osamu and Chica in one person that would actually be useful. Chica has so much Trion that when she destroys a Rabit, they say that the power released on the unit is off the charts. She is badass for being like 12.

Jin the mind games are real. I wont go into detail about him at all since finding out about him is way to cool and I don’t want to ruin that at all.

I would say World Trigger is one of the better Animes of this season. Could they do without 5 minutes of recap at the begging of every episode? Yes. Do they need to put the intro in to the show awkwardly like halfway through? No. Is it still awesome? Yes. I would recommend giving it a watch. I would go so far as to say that its worth it to stop watching the anime you are right now and go at least give it a try.

Its kinda slow to start, sorry. If you have seen World Trigger let me know what you thought. Also if you enjoyed reading this give me a like and a follow. Arigatou!


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