So I just finished watching the latest episode of GATE, and I have to say it is probably one of my favorite Anime’s this season. I like how its “present day” Japan that gets mixed up with Magic and Elves. (Even dragons) This show is awesome. With that being said there are some things that I think could use a little work.

The characters are pretty common anime cliches MC is a slacker who is secretly super good at his job, smart, and very dedicated. To be completely honest I don’t mind this since I think it would be awesome if I could live my life like that. Obviously I can’t 😦

The fact that its a harem. Now I will say that some of the girls in the harem really are not attracted to the MC I think it would have been a fresh change of pace to have it not be a harem. Although I am a sucker for one so once again I think its fine.


Now on to the pressing matter of who best girl is. If you don’t know its Rory… Rory is best girl. For real though she is like 1000 years old looks 15 or 16 and can rip through people like they are butter whats not to love about that she is awesome.

If you have seen GATE to this point put a comment down below letting me know what you think. Thanks for reading! Give me a Like and Follow if you enjoyed! 🙂


One thought on “GATE

  1. i think this show is also my favorite so far (not that I’m following that many)! i’m kind of sad that the elf girl hasn’t really done much, hoping that changes

    as for the mc i really like that he’s so bleh and his attitude towards his job (as just a means to an end) really funny, as for rory I think she’s my favorite female character thus far too! want to see her in action soon 🙂

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