Plastic Memories (Feels -.-)


I finally got around to watching Plastic Memories last night/early this morning. I wont give away any spoilers in case you haven’t seen it yet, but my god the feels.

It starts off as normal as can be new guy at work is a clumsy doofus who is not the best around girls. His partner is cold and distant from him, then over the course of the anime they start to develop feelings. Classic Tsundere basically. Having watched Angel Beats!, Your lie in April, and other “sad” anime I thought I had what it takes to not cry during this… I was wrong.

Every few episodes it feels like your heart is getting ripped out of your chest. Before they do that though they make sure to give you a heart warming episode so that you think things are finally looking up. In a way you know whats coming the whole time, but you tell yourself that it can’t be true. That Tsukasa will figure something out, while still knowing in the back of your mind that it will end in tears.

I think this might be one of the best sad Anime’s that I have ever watched. I think the way that it ended is perfect completely ambiguous. Would I like to see a second season? OF COURSE!! As long as it doesn’t ruin the integrity and story of Tsukasa and Isla. I would like to see more into the lives of the other staff members who work there and maybe some hope for Tsukasa getting Isla back (Sorry kind of a spoiler…)

All in all it was awesome, the laughs, the cute moments, the sad moments, everything about it made it so fun to watch. Was it kinda cheesy? Yes. Was it cliche? Yes. Was it still great? Yes! ┬áIf you haven’t seen Plastic Memories I highly recommend that you watch it.

Let me know if you think a season 2 will come out, and if it will be a great continuation, or if it will ruin the beautiful end.


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