No Game No Life ( I have no life anyway)

No Game No Life
No Game No Life

This summer I had the absolute honor of watching No Game No Life. Now if you have never seen No Game No Life I would recommend you stop reading this and go google search it, because Oh my GOSH! It is crazy awesome. It basically takes everyone’s dream of being able to play video games professionally into a world where you need to play games just to survive.

I thought it was sad that the anime was only 12 considering how good it honestly was. I will say that the art style is somewhat hard to get used to in the sense that everything is oversaturated not that its drawn poorly.

Things that I liked about this anime were the fact the main characters Sora and Shiro are OP I know normally in an anime one person winning all the time isn’t that interesting to watch, but somehow they made it work. I think I was also getting tired of the weak male protagonist relying on all his friends. I also really enjoy the overall theme where games decide everything, maybe its childish and wish-fulfilling but its cool. Also with only 12 episodes I think they did an amazing job developing the characters you find out Sora and Shiro really are shut ins like they can’t run that fast or for long. How they can’t be apart from each other, or some weird emotional break down occurs (still can’t figure it out…its funny though).

There are really only a few gripes that I have with No Game No Life. The biggest and I think the largest mistake was the fan service of Shiro. It’s not really necessary for this type of anime, I don’t even want it and normally who doesn’t like a little fan service. I also think that it was a little bland with so many other animes playing on the “oh we are stuck in a game” type thing. Admittedly No Game No Life pulls it off well.

So would I recommend you watch it? HECK YES!

Let me know what you thought of No Game No Life in the comments! 🙂


3 thoughts on “No Game No Life ( I have no life anyway)

  1. I totally agree with you – I loved No Game No Life! But I also wished it wasn’t only 12 episodes long, I’m pretty sure they could’ve made it a little longer. Nevertheless the anime was very enjoyable 🙂

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