Best/Worst “Gateway” Anime


I have noticed a lot on /r/anime and /a/ that there are huge debates over the what the worst gateway anime is. I can understand some anime being more relatable and attention getting than others, but I feel their is no anime that is the best (or worst) gateway anime. I do have reasons for this and here they are.

1. So many different genres – One Piece or Naruto are perfect for you since they are action packed.(excluding filler episodes… eh) Or maybe you would prefer Bakemonogatari since it is more of a story and plot then action. Maybe Angel Beats is more up your alley because you like to openly weep. (spoilers?) The point is with so many different kinds of anime I feel you cant really narrow it down to one being the best or worst.

2. Different Audience – For example maybe you are a creep and you are in to really ecchi stuff… or maybe you enjoy anime that has lots intense build up that leads to even more awesome fights. You might enjoy the school life anime’s (someone always has a harem in these, but they can still be fun) since they are a glimps of “what school is like in Japan.” Everyone might have there own gateway anime. For me it was Ah! My Goddess ( I was like 12 so).

3. Opinion – I don’t mean this in the sense of what people like or what other people think. I mean its up to you, maybe you just really don’t like anime. So maybe Dragonball Z wasn’t the worst gateway anime of all time maybe you just don’t like anime. Kinda like how I don’t like “Reality” TV. Different strokes for different folks.

With that being said I definitely think there are anime’s that should not be used as a gateway anime for anyone…

Elfen Lied – Its Great!! Just not the best for first timers…

Anohana – Once again great, but only show this to your friends if you want to see them cry.

Naruto – I don’t like it so… yeah well… (If you do show it to a friend at least use the Sub)

What are your opinions on the Best and Worst Gateway Anime’s?


Let me know!

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