Animecon (First Time)


So I attended my first ever Animecon this weekend. I know what you are thinking “OMG who did you cosplay?” I didn’t cosplay anyone… I am a pleb for a reason. It was a lot cooler than I had expected and I will definitely attend more cons in the future. I feel Animecons have something for everyone, it is a place of inclusion. People there are super nice and not weird at all (for the most part). I thought it was just going to be full of neckbeards. (sorry neckbeards…) It had so many people I saw 30-40 year olds dressed up in cosplay, I saw parents bringing their kids dressed in cosplay, kids bringing their parents. It just seemed so cool that such a large group of people would enjoy the same thing. That being said I think I will be attending Animinnneapolis in May, my plan is to go as Tuxedo Mask. The community is just so awesome I want to be a part of it so next time I will definitely be cosplaying.

Another awesome thing about the con was all the vendors. Some of them were just there to make money and you could tell that… oh well. Most of the vendors are there because they love anime and manga just as much as you!! I was at a booth and picked up a copy of Elfen Lied (If you haven’t seen it and are okay with nudity and blood WATCH IT!) It was the blu ray I was about to put it back when the vendor said “How could you put back such an amazing anime?” I told him I didn’t have that kind of money to spend and we just talked about how great Elfen Lied is. After a while he ended up giving me a 20% discount off of it so I did end up buying it!

The last completely cool things about cons is the panels. I only sat in on one since there were so many things going on and I wanted to see it all. The panel I did sit in on was a Studio Ghibli panel. They answered everyone’s questions thoroughly, for some of the questions they even played clips of the movies and explained how and why it was done like that!

Overall if you are questioning if you want to go to an Animecon or not… Stop! Go it is an awesome experience even if you only go for one day it you could make tons of friends and find other people who share your love for a weird anime that “no one likes” (Rosario + Vampire *cough*) It is like an online discussion board with all your friends, but in real life. Doesn’t get much better than that.

If you live in the Midwest I will leave the link for Animecon here so you can check it out.


Let me know!

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