Best/Worst “Gateway” Anime


I have noticed a lot on /r/anime and /a/ that there are huge debates over the what the worst gateway anime is. I can understand some anime being more relatable and attention getting than others, but I feel their is no anime that is the best (or worst) gateway anime. I do have reasons for this and here they are. Continue reading “Best/Worst “Gateway” Anime”


Animecon (First Time)


So I attended my first ever Animecon this weekend. I know what you are thinking “OMG who did you cosplay?” I didn’t cosplay anyone… I am a pleb for a reason. It was a lot cooler than I had expected and I will definitely attend more cons in the future. I feel Animecons have something for everyone, it is a place of inclusion. People there are super nice and not weird at all (for the most part). I thought it was just going to be full of neckbeards. (sorry neckbeards…) It had so many people I saw 30-40 year olds dressed up in cosplay, I saw parents bringing their kids dressed in cosplay, kids bringing their parents. It just seemed so cool that such a large group of people would enjoy the same thing. That being said I think I will be attending Animinnneapolis in May, my plan is to go as Tuxedo Mask. The community is just so awesome I want to be a part of it so next time I will definitely be cosplaying. Continue reading “Animecon (First Time)”

Pricey Anime


This weekend I attended my first ever Anime Convention. It was amazing and wonderful and I will make a post about that later. What I want to talk about right now is the fact that to buy some anime it is completely insane. Take for instance Kill la Kill, it was awesome. I loved Kill la Kill it would be great to own on Blu Ray, but do you know how much that costs? I certainly did not, I was expecting to maybe spend $100 to get all 24 episodes. I was very mistaken. The price for the first disk in a 5 disk set is $40 that is $10 per episode of Kill la Kill. When I can go to Crunchyroll and watch it for free. ($60 a year / 24 episodes = $2.50 per episode) So I can watch it for 1/4 the price of if I were to buy it and Crunchyroll has more than just Kill la Kill on it. I’m not really sure if I should blame Aniplex who has the rights to sell Kill la Kill in America or the production studio that made it. Aniplex has a history of jacking up prices on anime. All I know is that for a college student buying anime seems a little out of reach. What are your thoughts about the price of anime? Do you think its fair?

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